Visas / Work Permits

Europteam have many years’ experience in applying for / renewing Visas and Work Permits for the employees and supporting Visas for their dependents. To date, we have arranged Visas / Work Permits for expatriate personnel assigned to projects in the following countries:

  • EUROPE (Holland, Poland, Finland, etc)


Europteam provide a complete contract administration service for the expatriate employees’ and their families. This includes the following:

  • Visa and Work permits for the multinational employees and Visas for their dependents
  • payment of the employee’s monthly salaries into local banks
  • payment of taxes and social security to the relevant authorities
  • arranging for the employee’s air tickets in accordance with the agreed rotations
  • providing medical insurance for the employee and family
  • providing 3rd party liability insurance
  • accommodation support, etc.
  • arranging international schooling for the employee’s children


Europteam provide a complete Payroll Service for the expatriate employees’. This service includes the following:

  • timely monthly payment of employees Net Salaries into local/ international banks
  • timely payments to the relevant authorities for Taxation and Social Security